Owners Message


I urge the agriculturists throughout India to abolish the trend of burning the remaining stems of wheat as they are rich in nutrients and minerals, but instead plough them with hydraulic Reversible MB Ploughs, so that the essential nutrients and minerals are not lost and are made available in the soil for the better nourishment of the next cultivation/plantation.

I would also like to request the new generation who are owners of agricultural land but are into the trend of moving to the western countries to earn more money because agriculture does not pay off well here in India. I request them to stay in India, take care of their farms themselves cultivate their land with modern agricultural methods and machinery which would definitely help them increase there production and income and hence there would be no need of moving towards the west and to work in mere small jobs. I would request the new generation to cultivate their lands themselves and help india excel in the field of agriculture.

I also request all the agriculturists throughout India to use organic methods of farming with minimum use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

S.Balwinder Singh
Managing Director


I request all the agriculturists throughout India not to waste their money in buying fancy expensive cars, as they are of no use to the farmers,instead utilize their money in buying modern day agricultural machinery that would help increase their crop yeild, save their tractors fuel,and ofcourse their time,therefore leading to the overall increase of production and hence forth annual income.

So I urge all the agriculturists throughout India that lets join hands together and help India become a No.1 Nation in the field of agriculture the day is not far away.

"Promote Modern Agriculture Promote India" Jaihind .

Dr.Sukhvir Singh
Public Relations